2017 Honda CR-V — The best SUV in its class?

Vehicle Details: 2017 Honda CR-V Design 
Honda’s crossover SUV flaunts an appealing new look

While most crossover SUVs feature designs that are either excessively exaggerated or disappointingly dull, the 2017 Honda CR-V strikes an appealing balance between contemporary styling and streamlined functionality. The five-seater compact utility vehicle boasts an appearance that’s widely attractive, suitable for in-town commutes and family road trips through the country.

Love at first sight

You may not believe that an SUV can enchant you with its appearance, but the 2017 Honda CR-V has a surprisingly bewitching body style. Entering its fifth generation for the 2017 model year, the latest CR-V has undergone a facelift that features a more aggressive, aerodynamic fascia that complements the Active Shutter Grille.

Blending rugged side moldings and wheels with clean body lines and raised LED taillights, the CR-V has a surprisingly versatile appearance. Although it only spans 180 inches in length, it appears to stretch much farther. Depending on your preference, the CR-V is available in nearly a dozen different colors, including the fierce Molten Lava, the edgy Modern Steel or the regal Obsidian Blue.

Designed with you in mind

The interior of the 2017 CR-V lives up to the persona established by its exterior: practicality with a touch of indulgence. The driver-centric dashboard arrangement keeps the focus on the pilot, offering information on its digital instrument cluster and available 7-inch Display Audio with high-resolution WVGA electrostatic touchscreen. Multiple storage spots lie within reach, including a cleverly designed adjustable parcel shelf.

The 105.9-cubic-foot cabin can be upgraded to leather-trimmed seating materials, and the wood grain accents on the dash and doors are uncommon among the CR-V’s competitors. Its interior is designed for a spacious ride, too, whether that’s for a back row of passengers or the full 75.8 cubic feet of cargo storage.

Versatile in function and appearance, the well-rounded Honda CR-V aims to please even the pickiest families.

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