Warranty Protection

Protection for the Road Ahead

Purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment that is worth protecting. While vehicles today are built better than ever before, there is always the chance of a mechanical breakdown that requires a major repair. With a vehicle service contract, you can help protect yourself against unexpected repair costs that may result in significant out-of-pocket expenses.

With our contract, you'll have the confidence of knowing that your vehicle has coverage throughout the United States and Canada. You can even choose the length and type of coverage that best fits your driving habits and matches your specific needs. Hopefully you will never have a problem, but driving with a service contract will reassure you while on the road.

Reduce your out-of-pocket expenses

The costs of repairs tend to increase every year, and even one unexpected mechanical breakdown could burden you with thousands of dollars in unplanned expense. With the advanced technology in today's vehicles, repairs can be costly and are often unpredictable. With our contract, you can help protect your future finances from these potentially high and unexpected expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a vehicle service contract save me money?

The advanced technology that is built into today's vehicles has increased the complexity and expertise needed for even the simplest of repairs. As a result, repair costs and labor rates have increased and will continue to do so. The costs of even one future repair may easily exceed the cost of purchasing a service contract today.

What if I decide to sell my vehicle before the coverage expires?

You can transfer any remaining coverage to the next owner and they will drive their new vehicle knowing they're protected from unexpected, high repair costs. This may make it easier to sell your vehicle and could even help get you a higher resale price.

What do I do if my vehicle breaks down?

If possible, return to your dealership to determine the problem and the cause of the breakdown. If your vehicle is inoperable, take advantage of your plan's towing benefit to return to your dealer. Be sure to have the repair facility call us before beginning any repairs.

Where can I take my vehicle for repairs if I'm far from home?

Your contract grants you access to thousands of repair facilities throughoutthe U.S. and Canada. We have an extensive network of licensed repair facilities ready to help you if a breakdown occurs. If you have a breakdown far from home, your towing benefit will be there to get you to a repair facility of your choice or you can contact our service center for instructions. You'll also be reimbursed for lodging, meals and rental car while your vehicle is in the shop for covered repairs.

How are claims processed?

The dealership or repair facility contacts us for authorization of the work that needs to be done and we pay for the covered repair directly. You only pay for your deductible and any costs not directly covered by your contract.

Do I really need a vehicle service contract?

The simple truth is that even the most reliable vehicles on the road are at risk for having an unexpected mechanical breakdown. As a vehicle gets older and accrues mileage, the chances of having a mechanical breakdown are likely to increase. Your service contract will be there after your manufacturer's basic warranty has expired, which is when you are likely to need it the most.

Tire-and-wheel protection you can count on

You may not be able to avoid every bump in the road, but you can eliminate the possible expense of tire and wheel damage caused by a road hazard. Our Preferred Tire Care5 M will cover the costs associated with repairs or replacements of tires and wheels damaged by things such as potholes, nails, tree limbs, and other debris you may encounter while on the road.

What could a repair cost you out-of-pocket?

Anyone who's owned a car knows how expensive tires and wheels can be-and that's before labor, taxes and potential towing or rental car expenses. Your out-of-pocket expenses could be substantial:
  • Tire Replacement.......$179
  • Wheel Replacement.......$415
  • Cosmetic Repair.......$135
  • Labor.......$74
  • Taxes.......$57
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance/Towing.......$60
  • Rental Car.......$71



Preferred Tire Care (sm) Benefits

tire stack
  • Pays the costs to repair or replace tires and/or wheels that fail due to a road hazard.
  • Includes cost of mounting, balancing, valve stems and taxes.
  • No deductible.
  • (1) Available on new and used vehicles.
  • Unlimited claim benefits.
  • No limits on occurrences.
  • Covers tires and wheels for the duration of the contract.
  • No mileage limits and up to 5 years of coverage.
  • Covers tires with run-flat technology.

Preferred Tire Care+Plus (sm) Benefits

Includes all the benefits as Preferred Tire Care (sm) above, plus...
  • Cosmetic Damage Coverage - (2) Pays the costs to repair scrapes, abrasions, dents or nicks to the surface area of your wheels.
  • Curb Damage Coverage - Pays the costs to repair damage to tires and/or wheels caused by contact with a curb.

(1) At time of vehicle sale only.
(2) Except chrome-plated wheels.

Even more benefits to protect you while on the road

  • Roadside Assistance - If you are unable to drive your vehicle due to a covered tire or wheel failure, you can get up to $100 per occurrence for on-the-spot repair of a flat tire or installation of a spare.
  • Towing - If your tire is not repairable and the spare is not usable or available, you will be reimbursed for up to $100 per occurrence for towing expenses.
  • Rental Car- If your vehicle must remain in the shop overnight for a covered repair, we will pay for a rental car, up to $35 per day with a total limit of $105 per occurrence.
  • Preferred Tire Care(sm) is the ONLY tire-and-wheel coverage administered through the award-winning service of CNA National.

Choose the term that's right for you

You can select coverage that lasts one to five years, depending on how long you plan to keep your car. And, as an added benefit, if you do decide to sell your vehicle, you may transfer any remaining coverage to the next owner. That's a great way to potentially enhance the resale value of your vehicle.


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